Our Museum Assistants are here to assist your student with their homework.

What We're Offering: Tutoring by the hour 

Topics Grout Museum Staff Can Cover:

  • Biology (High School) 
  • Chemistry (High School) 
  • Physics (High School) 
  • Earth Science (High School) 
  • Elementary/Middle School Science 
  • Elementary/Middle School Math 
  • Elementary/Middle School English 
  • Elementary/Middle School History 


  • 11am-12pm M-F 
  • 2pm-3pm M-F 
  • 5pm-6pm M-F 
  • 10am-11am Saturday 
  • 1pm-2pm Saturday 

Price: $20 an hour 

For learning groups who want to tutor together, the initial price is $20, an additional $10 per student

Ex: If 2 families each have a student at the same age, and they want them both to join in, then the total would be $30 per hour. 

For the month of December, tutoring is only available to Museum Members as we test out this program! Members, register below.

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