Community meetings. Weddings. Children's birthday parties. Company retreats. The Grout Museum District is filled with inspirational spaces for rent that bring smiles to people's faces. Whether it's for business or pleasure, there's a space sure to meet your needs.

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Grout Museum, Iowa Veterans Museum and Snowden House Rental Details, Rates and Capacities

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2 hours minimum all rooms, all sites

Snowden House

  • $50/hr per level, Capacity, 100-120

Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum and Grout Museum Lower Level:

  • Lobby & Mess Hall: $125/hr, Banquet Capacity-200
  • Mess Hall: $60/hr, Banquet Capacity-120, Lecture Capacity-150-200
  • Lobby: $75/hr, Banquet Capacity-100, Lecture Capacity-90
  • Theatre: $50/hr, Capacity-65
  • Ike Leighty Classroom: $25/hr, Capacity-20

Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum and Grout Museum Upper Level:

  • Board Room: $50/hr, Capacity-25
  • Classrooms: $25 each/hr, Capacity-30
  • Combined Conference Rm: $50/hr Lecture-110, Meeting-60
  • McElroy Trust Rm: $25/hr, Lecture Capacity-70, Meeting Capacity-40
  • Thomas Family Rm: $20/hr, Lecture Capacity-30, Meeting Capacity-20

Birthday parties are available at numerous sites. Contact us to book!

Add a planetarium show or self guided tour to any rental. Grout Museum District Members, Veterans and Non-Profits receive discounts. Ask the Event Coordinator.

Amenities available:

Stove, convection oven, dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and ice machine. 

Reservations, Deposits & Other Policies:

  • A deposit of $100 or 25% of total rental fee (whichever is greater) is due with the signed contract. Total rental fee is due on the day of rental. Reservations are tentative until the museum has received a signed agreement and deposit.
  • Cancellations must be made nine months in advance for weddings and two months in advance for all other rentals. Deposit will be forfeited without proper cancellation notice. A 30% cancellation fee will be charged on all canceled rentals.
  • All or part of any deposit may be retained against cleanup costs, damage, or loss incurred. If damages exceed the deposit, you will be held responsible for full payment. 
  • Deposit is due with signed rental contract. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • A $100 ‘after hours’ fee will be applied, for any rentals exceeding the specified contract time limit. 
  • The renter shall assume all financial responsibility for any damages or loss of District property and for any personal injury to any member of the group served, which may occur as a result of the use of the property. A certificate of insurance may be requested.
  • Checks: Check for the rental fee must be written separate from the damage and keg/beer/wine deposits(if applicable). Checks must be payable to the Grout Museum District.
  • Alcohol: Please speak with the Event & Sales Coordinator regarding the GMD Alcohol Policy, if alcohol will be present at your event. Smoking is prohibited at all Grout Museum Facilities. 
  • Decorations: Please check with the Event & Sales Coordinator for any specific decorating requests. Tape or adhesive materials of any kind on walls or ceilings, confetti, glitter, fog machines, candles and/or open flames are not permitted. Violators will be charged full deposit fee. No Exceptions.
  • Set Up/Tear Down: The GMD will have all set up (table, chairs, and linens) ready for you upon arrival, with the completion of the given floor plan. You will not be responsible for tearing down these items.
  • Renter is responsible for all other clean up and/or arranging for this, prior to event. This includes: washing/storing of dishes, clearing tables, food storage and clean up.
  • All decorations, materials, equipment and food must be removed immediately after your event.
  • The rented facility MUST look exactly as you found it upon your arrival, when you leave the facility. Deposit will not be returned if rented facility is not properly cleaned and cleared.
  • Linen Pricing & Policy: The Grout Museum District can provide black, white, or ivory linens for all events. Linens rented from the GMD will be on the tables when client arrives and will be taken off tables and laundered by the GMD after the event. Saves money, time, and effort! Round Table Linen: $12 per linen for medium length, $16 per linen for floor length, Rectangle Table Linen: $12 per linen for medium length
  • Catering Policies for All Other Events: The GMD is not responsible for any food items brought on to the premises during any non-GMD catered event
  • All events requiring catering services are to be provided by licensed catering firms contracted by the renter. Renter/caterer must pre-arrange if items are to be delivered prior to rental times.
  • We require copy of caterers license on file at the GMD, prior to any service of food. Frying, sautéing, grilling and grease not permitted.
  • All catered food services are the responsibility of caterer and/or renter. GMD event staff are not responsible for table clearing, dishwashing, etc-
  • Guests, food, and beverages are restricted to designated areas as determined prior to the event. 

Potential Brides & Grooms, click here for a personal letter from our Event & Sales Coordinator.

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