Educational Programming

Educational Programming

The mission of the Grout Museum District is to provide a better understanding of our world by collecting, preserving and interpreting history and illustrating scientific principles. The District offers a wide range of programming for all ages to enhance your experience and bring historical and scientific concepts to life. Check our Calendar for current program dates and times!

Please Note: Programs are subject to demand, and may be cancelled, added or rescheduled according to interest. Refunds are given only upon cancellation by the Grout Museum District. Register early to prevent class cancellation due to low enrollment.

At Home Learning with the Grout Museum District: Discovery Kits are a great way to bring the fun of traditional Grout Museum programming to your home! Each themed Discovery Kit comes with an exclusive instructional video, craft or science experiment supplies, fun toys and more.

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Camps: Summer Camps at the Grout Museum District are a great way to fully engulf yourself in all things History and Science. Spend the week enjoying a wide range of activities all based around an historical or STEM related theme. Camps are available as a fun, exciting, and educational alternative to daycare. 

Discovery Days: Discovery Days are held the weekend immediately following Thanksgiving and Christmas each year, rotating between the SBIVM/Grout Museum of History and Science and the Bluedorn Science Imaginarium. Different Scientific and Historical concepts and events related to a theme are covered each week.

Homeschool Workshops: Homeschool Workshops are held during the schoool year at the Imaginarium.

Star Parties: Star Parties are held May-October at Prairie Grove Park in Waterloo. They are a collaboration with the Black Hawk Astronomy Club and are free and open to the public. Telescopes are provided at each party allowing participants to view and learn more about the current night sky.

Strolling with the Spirits: Stroll through the cemetery as actors bring some of Waterloo's earliest residents back to life through live historical interpretation. 

Toddler Time: Listen to a story, make a fun craft and meet one of our animal friends.

Tea Parties: Enjoy themed tea parties, December-July, at the historic Snowden House. Participants will take part in crafts, tea and treats. 

Youth Build:

  • WHO: Waterloo Middle Schoolers + their “Bigs”
  • WHAT: The Youth Maker Exhibit Build is a collaborative project between the Grout Museum District, Cedar Valley Makers and Big Brothers Big Sisters. The mission of Cedar Valley Makers, Inc. is to promote collaborative learning, creative design and manufacturing for people of all ages and skill levels. This opportunity will provide Bigs & Littles weekly access to tools, machines and exclusive training inside the Makerspace. This collaboration is the first of its kind and has been created to promote scientific thinking and learning for Junior High age children facing adversity. Grout Museum District staff and Cedar Valley Makers staff will host a “Build Day” for four hours once a week for 8 months beginning in February. Mentorship pairs will take part in building new science themed exhibits. Pairs will be trained and exposed to various programs & applications including: Tinkercad, Inkscape, Fusion 360, and Digital Design & Laser Cutting. Beginning in the fall of 2019, the completed exhibits will travel to the Waterloo middle schools. Imaginarium staff will travel with the exhibit to provide additional science programming related to the theme of the exhibit.
  • WHERE: Cedar Valley Makerspace, Techworks Campus – Tech1 Building, 3rd Floor – 360 West Field Ave.

Youth Build Weather Policy: If the Waterloo Community School District cancels classes, Youth Build will not be held that day.

Weekly Wonders: Weekly Wonders are held during the summer, rotating weekly between the SBIVM/Grout Museum of History and Science and the Bluedorn Science Imaginarium.