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Do not attempt the liquid nitrogen experiment at home!

Crystal Experiment

This experiment can be done at home! Supplies: Limestone, Vinegar, 1 cup

Light Ice & Heavy Water Experiment

This experiment is one that you can do at home!

Dancing Laser Light Experiment

This experiment can be done at home with parental supervision! Have fun!

Tesla Coil Lightbulb Experiment

Check out the Tesla Coil during in person Science Demos when the Imaginarium reopens!

Liquid Nitrogen

Do not attempt this experiment at home!

Cola & Bleach

Bleach can be dangerous! If attempting at home, patental supervision is required.

8 Layer Density Experiment

Similar Experiment Available Via Science-U

Mega Wheel

Powers & Exponents

Tesla Coil

Learn More: PBS: Tesla: Inside the Lab

Sodium Polyacrylate

Sodium Polyacrylate available through Educational Innovations Inc.

Hydrogen Bubbles

DO NOT attempt this demo at home! Safe bubble recipe at: Home Science Tools

Can Crush Experiment!

At-Home Directions

Coca Cola & Mentos Experiment!

At-Home Directions