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Temporary Exhibitions

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Nano Mini Exhibit

Permanent Exhibitions

Kids of all ages are invited to explore over 91 hands-on exhibits that demonstrate how science affects everyday life. Hands-on exhibits include:


Use your imagination to build futuristic machines and creatures on the ROBOTIX table, then just add power to make them go.

Hot Air Balloon

Find out how hot air rises by operating the controls and making the hot air balloon rise 20 feet into the air.

Angular Momentum

Get on the angular momentum machine and discover why ice skaters can spin so fast without falling.

Exhibitions for Rent

Plant Genomics

Plant Genomics examines Earth's most crucial living creatures, plants, and investigates the important contributions genomics researchers are making to agriculture, human health, and the environment. 

This traveling exhibit includes several stations. Each one focuses on a particular concept and incorporates interactive elements. This allows the stations to work well together as an exhibit or individually!

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To rent this exhibit, call 319.234.6357.