History of Museum

History of Museum

Iowa veterans have a million stories to tell tales of heroism, adventure, and sadly of trauma and death.

For more than 150 years Iowa men and women have stepped forward to take an oath to preserve the union, safeguard democracy and defend against terrorism in times of peace and war. Iowans gave this service in numbers proportionally larger than most states and without the expectation of fame and fortune, a tradition that continues to this day.

Whether as National Guards, as Reservists or Regulars in the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force or Coast Guard — most returned home to continue their lives. But for some families, there was nothing more than the painful image of a cemetery in a distant land.

The Sullivan Brothers Iowa Veterans Museum is dedicated to ensuring that an appropriate house is established to hold their stories and related artifacts in trust so they will be remembered and preserved for generations to come.

The $11 million museum opened in November 2008. It is funded, in part, by people just like the citizen soldiers it recognizes — the average person who steps forward to serve others.